Wrinkle treatmentRisks and possible complications

Safety profile

Although botulinum toxin is an extremely effective product, in the quantities used for cosmetic applications it has proven to have an impressive safety profile.

Neurological conditions

Patients with neurological conditions that weaken the muscle strength should not have wrinkle relaxing injections.


Similarly the treatment is contraindicated for women that are pregnant or trying for a baby, and may be exaggerated for patients on some long-term medications like amytriptilline or baclofen. For a more extensive list of interactions please visit: www.drugs.com

Swallowing difficulties

Patients that have difficulty with swallowing should also avoid these treatments, as part of the product travels with the circulation and can create more significant problems with swallowing.

Product migration

In the case of treatments for the frown muscles or eyebrow shape migration of the product toward the upper eyelid muscles which produces temporary weakness of the eyelid elevation, and a "droopy upper eyelid" that may take a month to recover. In some instances, it is possible to improve the situation using eyedrops that activate the smaller muscles of the upper eyelids until the main ones recover.


Headaches or slight difficulty with swallowing have also been described in the early stages after wrinkle relaxing injections. They tend to be self-limited.

Pain and redness

Pain and redness at the injection site as well as bruising are possible but then to be limited and short lived. People on blood thinning medication can however experience more significant bruising.


A degree of asymmetry in the appearance of the face is inevitable and will not be corrected by the treatment.

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